A girlfriend without any shame at all

THE pregnant Harare woman, who shocked her married boyfriend by introducing herself to his wife through a phone call around midnight, is a drama queen.

Her conduct has been roundly condemned by our readers.

Instead of solving her issues with her boyfriend, she is now dragging the innocent woman into their mess.

The victim is being harassed by a fellow woman who is determined to wreck someone else’s marriage.

It’s an issue they should deal with between the two of them and they should never involve the innocent woman in all this drama.

Last year, the same woman, Bertha Chindewere, was dragged to the Chitungwiza Magistrate’ Court following an altercation over money with her married boyfriend, Anesu Dumbura.

This means there has been drama in this adulterous relationship.

We believe Dumbura should take responsibility for Chindewere’s welfare.

He should have a heart which cares for his unborn child.

This kid didn’t choose to be conceived in this manner.

These two adults chose this path for this innocent unborn kid.

Chindewere’s drama comes barely a month after another woman introduced herself to the family of her married boyfriend.

The two dated for six years and they now have a child together.

The woman is also four months pregnant, expecting their second child, with her boyfriend.

After her boyfriend rented an apartment for her, the woman felt it was high time he introduced her to his family.

She felt she couldn’t conceal the matter any further.

The man’s marriage is now shaking.

To avoid all this drama, married men should desist from these extramarital affairs because they have the potential to destroy their marriages.

We know that it’s impossible for adultery to be pushed out of humanity.

There will always be that one married man and that married woman who will always feel that his or her love interests are better satisfied in an adulterous relationship.

That is simply how we are as human beings.

We know that it is wrong but we just do it.

Married men should simply desist from extra-marital affairs since it comes with a lot of responsibilities.

The institution of marriage is a special one and we should try by all means to protect it.

We have published many stories of girlfriends who harass the wives of their boyfriends and it appears this is not going to end any time soon.

It takes a lot of sacrifice to establish a family.

Calling someone around midnight to try and destroy her marriage is just a low blow below the belt.

To avoid such disputes, men should stick to their partners or marry second wives and make it official with the first spouse.

After all, it’s not a crime for someone to get a second wife.

There are a number of men with two or three wives and they live happily.

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