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Airline Embraces ZiG Currency for Bookings and Payments

An airline plying the Zimbabwean route has made a pioneering move by integrating the newly introduced Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) currency into its operations.

The airline has officially announced its acceptance of ZiG currency for both booking flights and making payments. It now stands as the first carrier to adopt Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) as a mode of payment.

In a recent statement posted on their official platform, Fastjet Airlines declared their readiness to accommodate ZiG currency for transactions. Customers are now empowered to seamlessly book their flights and settle payments using ZiG currency.

“Fastjet Zimbabwe is delighted to inform our esteemed clientele that we have seamlessly transitioned to accepting ZiG currency. Customers can now confidently book and complete transactions using ZiG,” the statement reads.

Additionally, Fastjet has ensured accessibility for ZiG transactions by extending payment facilities to all airport ticketing desks and Fastjet sales outlets.

The move not only marks a significant step forward for Fastjet Airlines but also underscores the growing adoption and versatility of Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) currency in various sectors, including aviation.

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