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Burglar Drinks three 750ml bottles of whisky, Passes Out At Crime Scene

Dickson Simango (28) was convicted and sentenced by the Nyanga Magistrates’ Court for unlawful entry charges. On the 11th of April 2024 at around 0200hrs the accused person gained entry into a bar Nyamhuka 2 in Nyanga by removing an asbestos sheet and a portion of the ceiling.

He stole an assortment of food items and alcohol. During the commission of the offence he drank three 750ml bottles of whisky and ate 2 by 250 grams of tinned beef with a total value of $43,50. He became intoxicated and passed out in the shop where he was found by the owner in the morning, leading to his arrest. The total value of the stolen items is USD266,80 and the recovered value is USD183,50.

The accused person was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment of which 3 months were suspended on condition of good behaviour. Of the remaining 9 months one month was suspended on condition that the accused person restitutes a sum of USD83,30. He will serve 8 months effectively.


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