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Ch*pping my girl wont stop me from marrying her-Man Lament

In a long message, a man defends people with failed relationship not to give up because they are special to others.

Hararemirror.com extract a facebook message below:

My girlfriend is my girlfriend , her past is her past. If you’ve ever sl_pt with her or you know people who have sl_pt with her, that’s your problem.

Every woman has a past she surely regrets and every good human being makes mistakes, but that doesn’t prevent her from being an ideal woman for another man.

I have c*opped her before means nothing to me, It won’t stop me from marrying. She’s a class of her own, there’s a queen in her.
You saw only S*X, i saw FUTURE 💯.

Brothers, let’s take the time to make them happy, to value and to get others to respect our women instead of taking the time to listen to criticisms of our women while promoting/encouraging hypocrites to denigrate our women.

Past is past, yesterday can never come again, it was a lesson, it was a process that helps remoulded our lives for the now and later.

We’ll never be kids again, we’re growing each day.

Don’t be tired of learning as long as life keeps teaching

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