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Fungai Mutisi warns Mai Titi, “Stay out of my family”

Mutisi said:

After all is said and done, you are a talented musician. I celebrate your accomplishments. I don’t revel in your downfall. All I want is , you stay away from my sister’s issues. She has a lot to protect, hence she keeps quiet. Don’t interfere with her family and personal life. Call me whatever you want, I am not bothered, but if you touch the anointed, the Professor, our Dudzai, then I will be her shield 🛡️.

What I know is, just like many women, you work hard for your children. The UK and America are not the end of the world. Look East, West, and up in the sky for inspiration, you can make it. You are already one of the richest women in Zimbabwe. You are creative and talented. You will make it. You made it without the UK.

My issue with you is when you interfere with my sister’s personal issues. You aim to trigger her so that she tarnishes her reputation. Just as you are not scared to respond to me, I will double, and when I decide to shelf my dignity, I will do it with passion. I rest my case .I wish you the best. I do not hold any grudge against you. Just reflect on how you treat people, then you will be at peace. Keep out of our family business, then, I will stay continents away from you. Peace Nation – my Peace jacket has been found.

Akamira hake netsvina Mura in this picture ✌️.

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