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Holy Ten Fires Shots at Tinashe Mutarisi and Saintfloew Over Jah Prayzah Appreciation Post

Holy Ten Takes Aim at Tinashe Mutarisi and Saintfloew

Controversial Zimhip hop rapper Holy Ten has fired shots at Saintfloew and Nash Paints boss Tinashe Mutarisi.

This comes after Saintfloew penned a heartfelt appreciation post to multi-award-winning musician Jah Prayzah.

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Saintfloew’s Appreciation: Heartfelt Post to Jah Prayzah’s Phenomenal Shows
Taking to his Facebook account, Saintfloew penned an appreciation post to Jah Prayzah. He commended Jah Prayzah for putting together a remarkable series of awe-inspiring shows over the weekend.

“#appreciationpost . Massive shoutout kuna Mkoma @jahprayzah for his exceptional work in putting together a series of phenomenal shows over the weekend. Aiwa kubva ku planning to flawless execution, JP has once again showcased why he’s considered one of the best in the industry 🙌🏾🙌🏾 im truly privileged to learn from his expertise and dedication 👏🏾Learning from the best in the game.💪🏾,” reads Saintfloew’s post.

Holy Ten’s Accusations: Unprovoked Attack on Saintfloew and Tinashe Mutarisi
Unprovoked, Holy Ten launched a scathing attack on Saintfloew and Tinashe Mutarisi. Taking to Instagram, Holy Ten accused Tinashe Mutarisi of trying to be Saintfloew and urged him to relinquish control of Saintfloew’s account, insinuating that he was the one using it.

Holy Ten claimed that Saintfloew lacks proficiency in English and questioned his ability to compose a message of such nature. Additionally, Holy Ten asserted that they are seeking relevance and fame through Saintfloew.

“T. Mutarisi
Dzoserai mpfana account yake amboitawo zvaanoda. You’re trying too much to be Saintfloew iwewe wacho.You think we can’t tell kuti Saintfloew didn’t type this? This English? Tawanda chaiye?
Mukuhwanda nekuti management but deep down you know mukutotsvagawo mbiri. Cooler down.”

Social Media Backlash: Criticism and Outrage Directed at Holy Ten
Holy Ten’s unsolicited remarks sparked a torrent of criticism on social media, with many users vehemently lambasting him. Netizens accused Holy Ten of harboring jealousy and seeking attention. They argued that his comments were driven by bitterness and the fact that he can’t bare seeing other artists getting appreciation and praise.

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