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Holy Ten’s “RISKY LIFE II” Album Removed from Streaming Platforms Following Copyright Claim

Holy Ten’s Album Removed from Streaming Platforms Following Copyright Claim

In a surprising turn of events, Holy Ten’s RISKY LIFE II album has reportedly been removed from various streaming platforms.

This comes after music producer TATENDA LXA made a copyright claim against him.

Producer Tatenda LXA Alleges Unauthorized Beat Usage and Triggers Album Removal
According to earGround Africa, Tatenda LXA voiced his claim that his beat, notably featured on the track “ONE STEP AHEAD,” was incorporated into the album without his approval.

Despite reaching out to Holy Ten’s team in February regarding the issue, Tatenda LXA claims to have received no response. Frustrated by the lack of communication, he proceeded to issue a copyright claim, resulting in the removal of the entire album from streaming platforms.

Social Media Buzz: Divergent Reactions Emerge as Holy Ten’s Album is Removed Amid Copyright Allegations
In response to the developments, social media users have expressed a range of mixed reactions. Holy Ten’s devoted fan base swiftly came to his defence, asserting that people are jealous of the rapper.

Conversely, there were also social media users who applauded Tatenda LXA for filing the copyright claim, emphasizing the importance for musicians to have a solid understanding of copyright law.

@Eddie Maphosa;

Haaa jealous chete nothing much

@Marigolde Shelton Mathibela

Yes artist skill and talent is not for free please


He’s not wrong for the Copyright claim. HolyTen’s team should have responded.

@Kudakwashe Zvarayi;

Thanks to the Charambas who woken up many sleepy musicians about copyright law

Copyright Woes Continue: Holy Ten’s “Ucharamba Uchipisa” Removed from YouTube
Meanwhile, this is not the first time Holy Ten has been hit with a copyright infringement claim. In February 2024, Holy Ten found himself embroiled in a copyright dispute over his chart-topping song “Ucharamba Uchipisa.”

The popular track, which featured collaborations with Michael Magz and Poptain, was forcibly removed from YouTube following the filing of a copyright claim against it.

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