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I did not support Fifi in a video its Fake-Mai Titi

The only time I responded about my daughter was through a written message but as usual, bloggers took the old videos where I was talking about how my own photos were leaked and how I was unmoved about it . I expressed how free I was and gave examples of other people s pictures wich were leaked before saying what else is there to leak. Budisai zvese .

Hmetro took that video and blasted me wrote some very damaging headlines and even initiated that my kids be taken to Foster care .
At the very moment when my family was having the greatest pain they chose to embarass me further and lie about a lot of things .
Damaging me and my work.

We live in a world where people now think they can do anyhow and get away with anything, but be rest assured that there are laws and those laws stand firm if pursued.

So many things were said wich is untrue by different bloggers who thought my daughter’s predicament is content and obviously to make sure they hurt me further.

I will not say much but all I will promise is when it comes to my Children you will definitely know it’s not a playground.
Have a blessed day.

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