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Key points from President Mnangagwa’s speech at the Independence Children’s Party yesterday‼️

1. Acknowledgment of dignitaries present at the event.

2. Celebration of Zimbabwe’s 44th Independence anniversary under the theme ‘Unity, Peace, and Development towards Vision 2030.’

3. Emphasis on national unity and pride in Zimbabwean identity.

4. Encouragement for children to contribute to the country’s development.

5. Recognition of the diversity and talent among Zimbabwean children.

6. Importance of education and development of good character.

7. Call for responsible use of natural resources for community development.

8. Emphasis on peace, respect, and discipline for sustainable development.

9. Focus on education in science, technology, and innovation.

10. Commitment to creating safe and conducive learning environments.

11. Encouragement for positive use of social media and ICTs.

12. Call for collaboration between schools, parents, and communities.

13. Importance of open communication between children and parents.

14. Gratitude to parents and guardians for their support.

15. Reminder of children’s role in nation-building and their importance for the future of Zimbabwe.

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