Lady Marries Photo Of Boyfriend Who Claimed To Be Too Busy For Wedding (watch video)

Vivian Chizoba, a member of the Facebook group “Igbo Rant,” shared the unique images on social media, sparking conversations.

The couple initially met on Facebook and grew their relationship through extensive online communication.

Despite the groom’s busy schedule abroad preventing a traditional wedding, the bride was determined to go through with the ceremony.

Dressed in a wedding gown, she held a solo ceremony with only a photo of her partner.

Surprisingly, it was revealed that the groom had financially supported the event.

The unconventional wedding has garnered attention online, with many people discussing the significance of the gesture and the strength of the couple’s bond.

The photos have circulated widely, with viewers sharing their thoughts on the couple’s unconventional but heartfelt way of expressing their commitment to each other.

The story has captured the hearts of many and serves as a reminder of the power of love and determination in overcoming obstacles.



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