Latest DNA show leaves many in awe

In a latest DNA closure show episode in Kadoma , many viewers were left in awe after the alleged father was excluded as the biological father. Many expressed their displeasure with the alleged husband for his abusive language towards the mother.

Whilst the show is a reality show where all the drama has to unfold, many felt that Mr Mugabe was unfair to the mother of the child as she faced verbal abuse from both the alleged father and his wife.

His current wife stood by him through everything and did not even wink when it came to supporting his husband despite him sleeping with another woman outside of their matrimonial bed. The current wife went as far as demanding an apology from the woman for falsely accusing her husband.

A relative from the woman’s side was present but failed to defend her after the results. She also joined the couple and insisted that the real father of the child be known.

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