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Learn or Perish: Mai Titi comes in Shadhaya Style

The law doesn’t need you to hire anyone.
When you feel someone broke the law with your 2 legs go the nearest police station. Not everything need to be politicalized, don’t take advantage of people and when they act you think it’s politics. All of us are humans.
I used to think there is no law or some issues are not worth reporting, until I personally went behind bars .
It’s the things we do for likes and think it’s good . For clout and applauds from people who will not even come to see us when the worst comes .
You will face reality on your own amongst the thousands who were cheering you to break the law thinking you are wise . After they catch you , you start blaming the wrong people.
We all bleed just like you do .
So dance to the tune because you pressed play .
I learnt a lot whilst in prison.
The very same people who clap for you when you are breaking the law are the same who will laugh at you when the law catches up with you. As for me I will not hire anyone this is my fight .

Learn or Perish !!!!!!

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