Matinyarare Intensifies Campaign Against Innscor, Alleges Pizza and Chicken Inn GMO Scandal


Rutendo Matinyarare escalated his campaign against Innscor Africa Limited on Sunday, denouncing it as “one of the most corrupt companies in Zimbabwe.”

He accused Innscor of operating recklessly and endangering millions of lives through the sale of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) containing potentially harmful chemicals, violating Zimbabwean laws and Cabinet directives.

Matinyarare has been outspoken about Innscor for months, asserting that the company sells glyphosate-laced GMOs through its sprawling network of food outlets which include Pizza and Chicken Inn, which he claims are illegal under Zimbabwean regulations.

“Countries consuming GMOs in Africa have the highest cancer and HIV rates in the world, along with high levels of miscarriages and endometriosis,” Matinyarare asserted.

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