Midfielder Denver Mukamba Accuses Former Club Dynamos of Refusing to Pay Him His US$5,000 Signing-on Fee

Former Dynamos Midfielder Denver Mukamba Claims Contract Non-Compliance and Unpaid Signing-On Fee

Midfielder Denver Mukamba has expressed his dissatisfaction with his former football club, Dynamos, alleging that they have failed to honour their contractual obligations towards him.

31-year-old Denver Mukamba, who had signed a one-year deal with Dynamos last season, claims that he did not receive any remuneration or the promised US$5,000 signing-on fee from the club.

He is accusing the football club of refusing to give him his money.

Mukamba’s Allegations: Claim of Unfulfilled Contractual Obligations by Dynamos
While several other players reportedly received their signing-on fees prior to the start of the current campaign, Mukamba insists that the club owes him the agreed amount, which remains unpaid.

Speaking to H-Metro, the footballer expressed his disappointment with those responsible for signing him, accusing them of refusing to give him his money.

“I respect their (Dynamos) decision to let me go because they had their reasons, and I have always wished for the best for this great club. They made me the person I am today because of their status, and I’m forever grateful for that opportunity. But, I’m not happy with those who signed me because they are refusing to give me my money; people will call me all names without knowing that this is how I’m being treated,” Mukamba stated.

He emphasized the impact of such actions on his reputation, urging transparency in the matter.

Mukamba’s Brother Condemns Treatment by Former Club
Adding to the growing discontent, Mukamba’s brother, Clive Kawinga, voiced his disappointment with the treatment meted out to Denver.

Kawinga emphasized Denver’s value as a player and disagreed with the notion that his move to Scotland FC signaled the end of his career.

“Denver brings value wherever he goes and I think his move to Scotland FC doesn’t mean he is done as others are suggesting. “Chitiyo made a similar move when he left CAPS United to join Simba Bhora.”

He highlighted his brother’s invaluable contributions to the club’s legacy and the unfairness of withholding his rightfully earned funds.

“Others questioned his decision, but it helped the Shamva side to achieve their PSL status, and now he is playing for a foreign club. I’m very disappointed that DeMbare is not showing respect to Denver, he has a family to support and this is unfair to him considering what he has done for their brand,” Kawinga expressed.

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