Mubobobo village head who specialises in donkeys caught in the act

In a stranger than fiction incident that happened in Chief Shumba area of Masvingo District, a village head who was suspected of using black magic, popularly known as mubobobo on women and animals in the area was caught red handed pants down in his young brother’s cattle pen.
While a number of men believed to be using mubobobo for sexual pleasure target sleeping women, Gaviro Village head allegedly said donkeys are his favorite after he was caught chanting some incarnations in his brother’s cattle pen without pants.
The village head, Martin Gaviro is said to have been caught by his young brother Jacob Gaviro who followed him a few minutes after he had gone to the cattle pen as he had been suspecting his brother for such dark acts.
Chief Shumba born Ernest Chekai confirmed the heinous incident and said the perpetrator admitted to have been abusing donkey and other animals to quench his sexual demon.
“I can confirm, I presided over an issue where a village head was caught pants down in his young brother’s cattle pen. I even feel ashamed to preside over such matters that tarnish the image of our society,” said Chief Shumba.
He went on to say he had since asked the village head to pay a beast to his young brother and instructed them to consult traditional healers or prophets to exorcise him saying he was lucky to have paid such a small price considering the gravity of the matter.
“He is lucky I ordered him to pay a beast since they are brothers but his crime warrants him to pay even five. I have since instructed them to consult traditional or faith healers to exorcise him and I am sure they are doing it this week,” Chief Shumba said.
Jacob confirmed the incident to TellZim News and said he had performed a rite at the pen on instruction from a local apostolic sect prophet which might have influenced catching his brother in the act after he had used a path that passes close to the pen, raising the former’s suspicion.
“We always suspected that something was going on with my brother and a number of women complained of having been abused during sleep. However, we also noticed that he was targeting animals especially donkeys and mine were always miscarrying and I was told that it was because someone was sexually abusing them using juju.
“So on the day, he came to my homestead to tell us that there was a village meeting the following day. He was served tea around 1900hrs and when he left he used the path that passes near my cattle pen which made me suspicious and I followed after some minutes.
“I saw him chanting some incarnations and decided to watch from a distance. I then saw him getting inside and I could not wait longer, confronted him but I was shocked to see that he did not have pants on,” said Jacob
He said he then dragged him to his other brother’s place and called other family members to deliberate over the issue.
He said the chief heard about the matter and summoned them to his court where he asked the village head to pay two beasts to his court for tarnishing the area’s image, one to his brother and one to the family.

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