Pregnant Woman Makes Midnight Call to Lover’s Wife, Stirring Controversy

In a surprising turn of events, a pregnant woman from Harare left her married boyfriend stunned when she reached out to his wife via a midnight phone call. Bertha Chindewere, visibly fed up with being sidelined in her lover Anesu Dumbura’s family matters, decided to take matters into her own hands.

Bertha expressed her frustration, stating, “I just want him to openly take responsibility for our child, not to treat me as some underground girlfriend while he continues to live his married life.” She recounted how Anesu’s wife threatened her and promptly hung up the phone after the revelation.

Anesu, when approached for comment, chose to remain silent, leaving Bertha to tell her side of the story. Their rocky relationship had previously landed them in court last December over a dispute concerning money.

Expressing her desire for acknowledgment and support from Anesu, Bertha revealed, “I demanded that he introduce me to his relatives so they would know about the pregnancy, but he’s refusing and now he’s even backing out from taking responsibility for the baby.”

Despite initial smooth sailing, Bertha noticed Anesu’s reluctance to introduce her to his family, leading to disagreements. She described how their relationship soured when Anesu began avoiding her and neglecting his responsibilities.

Frustrated by Anesu’s evasive behavior, Bertha attempted to confront him, but he continuously dodged her calls and ignored her messages. Eventually, she took the bold step of reaching out to Anesu’s wife, seeking recognition for their relationship and their impending parenthood.

Their once-promising conversations about their future child turned into arguments, reflecting the strain in their relationship as Anesu distanced himself. Despite the turmoil, Bertha remains resolute in her pursuit of acknowledgment and support for herself and their unborn child.

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