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Prophet Mellontik Orasi Issues Stern Warning to Anyone Who Leaks His Daughter’s Private Pictures

Prophet Mellontik Orasi Issues Stern Warning to Anyone Who Leaks His Daughter’s Private Pictures

In a surprising move, Prophet Mellontik Orasi has issued what appears to be a stern warning to anyone considering leaking his daughter’s private pictures.

Prophet Mellontik Orasi, who made headlines for ‘accurately’ prophesying the death of many South African celebs, including AKA Busi Lurayi, Zahara, and Mbongeni Ngema, to name just a few, has raised eyebrows with his Facebook post.

Prophet Mellontik Orasi Issues Warning Over Daughter’s Private Pictures
Taking to his Facebook account, Prophet Mellontik Orasi stated that if anyone leaks his daughter’s private pictures, the person should not worry about the police but instead, they should be genuinely concerned about facing personal consequences from him.

Furthermore, he emphasized that if the pictures were shared before his daughter started going to church, the responsible individuals should promptly destroy the images.

“If you leak my daughter this includes my church members kana makapana asati ava kuuya kuchechi destroy the evidence panopera rudo or any close relative private intimate pictures forget about the police worry about me.

Respect what U once saw in private it’s not for public consumption.”

Social Media Reacts to Prophet Mellontik Orasi’s Warning
Prophet Mellontik Orasi’s Facebook post left a number of people shocked. It triggered a flurry of reactions from social media users. Netizens questioned why his child would take controversial private pictures or videos in the first place. They argued that he must deal with his daughter, not the person who would have leaked the pictures.

Here are some of the reactions;

@Collin Machinga;

Munogona kutorohwa futi murimi, home and away.

@Mai Munene Manyusa;

Munobamurwa mese nenzenza yenyu mukasvava mufundisi shem

@Cephas Baba Junior Chigutsa;

Ko iye mwana wako achimboitirei zvema nudes. Tsiurai vana venyu musati mavhundutsira vanhu

Anenge alinkisa wacho anenge apiwa nani moranga benzi robisa hembe richitorwa mapic

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