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Tragedy Strikes as Zhou Twin Sisters Are Gunned Down By Gokwe Hubby in SA Marital Dispute

Born on August 24, 1983, in Madlelenyoni, Ntabazinduna, Matabeleland North province, Samukelisiwe and Attalia Zhou were once celebrated additions to their family, arriving as blessed twins. Little did anyone foresee that their lives would end tragically on the same day, 41 years later.
The Zhou family was plunged into sorrow as they mourned the untimely deaths of their beloved twins, brutally gunned down during a harrowing marital altercation on April 3 in Beria, Johannesburg, South Africa, where they resided.

In a harrowing video circulating on social media, Farai, the twins’ elder brother, recounted the horrifying events. Samukelisiwe was fatally shot by her husband, identified as Justin Mahlaba from Gokwe, amidst a heated dispute. Tragically, Attalia met the same fate. The fatal incident unfolded during a family gathering aimed at resolving the couple’s differences.

Farai described the chilling scene: “My sisters were shot dead last week during a family meeting. We started with a prayer, but things escalated when Samukelisiwe expressed her desire to separate from her husband due to abuse.”

The situation turned deadly when Mahlaba brandished a gun, fatally shooting both sisters in front of their horrified family members. After attempting to kill Farai and his wife, Mahlaba turned the gun on himself, ending his own life.

As the Zhou family grapples with incomprehensible grief, they express disbelief and anguish over the loss of their gentle and non-violent sisters. Thulani, another brother, emphasized that the twins’ deaths were unjust and called for rituals to appease their ancestors and lay their souls to rest.

Ottilia, the twins’ younger sister, echoed the family’s sentiments, urging others to seek help in times of domestic strife to prevent such tragic outcomes. The twins leave behind three children each, compounding the family’s anguish.

In the midst of their pain, the Zhou family appeals for assistance from the public to facilitate the burial arrangements for their beloved sisters, scheduled for Sunday following the repatriation of their bodies on Saturday. They can be reached for support at the provided contact numbers.

Farai narrates how the horror unfolded
“My brother-in-law got angry and took out a gun and shot his wife in our presence and Freddy then ran for his life. He then went on to shoot Attalia. He shot his wife for the second time when she showed some signs of life and went on to point the gun at my wife. Luckily, the gun malfunctioned and when my wife realised that, she ran for her life and she was saved by a neighbour who hid her in her house.

“My brother-in-law then came back to the house after he failed to catch my wife and tried to shoot me but he failed as the gun jammed again. He then went to the balcony and I assumed that he wanted to throw himself off the balcony but after a few minutes, I heard a gunshot.

“He had killed himself. I remained on the ground and waited for the police to come,” said Farai.

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