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Tragic Incident Leaves Kwekwe Residents Stunned As Man Jumps To Death From Building

A Kwekwe man left residents in the mining town reeling from shock after he climbed up a building and jumped to his death.

In a viral video that is circulating on social media, the man scaled the multi-floor First Mutual Building along Robert Mugabe Way in the Kwekwe central business district. The unidentified man was topless and only had trousers.

He wanted to get the work done over with in no time, so he climbed to the roof of the building at 7 AM. On getting to the top, he initially sat at the edge of the building eerily. Members of the public spotted him and instantly gathered below to watch.

Others started begging him to abort his plan, while others encouraged him to end everything at once. After a few minutes, he lay flat and slowly inched to the edge to throw himself off. He then suspended half of his body off the edge while one hand held the building.

The man released himself, and he slipped, one hand holding the building. He dangled on the wall with one hand, and the public started noticing some hesitancy.

He then held up with both hands in the last seconds of his life. The man just became resolute, and he let go, with people on the ground screaming at the terrifying spectacle. He crashed to the ground below with a nasty thud, and he lay there awkwardly, dead.

Members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) attended to the scene and removed his corpse.

Masvingo Mirror spoke to some of the dumbstruck witnesses on the scene, who revealed that they suspect he was a drug addict. They added he has been envisaging the plan to take his own life.

One witness narrated:

“This man was a drug addict, but we always saw him picking some plastics for recycling. That was his hustle, but it was clear that he was into drug and substance abuse. Yesterday, we saw him, and he was telling people that he wanted to commit suicide. So this morning, we saw him up the building, and people started shouting, encouraging him to kill himself.”

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