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Wife Exposes Husband’s Illegal Business Activities After Discovering His Illicit Affair and R90K Girlfriend Allowance Payment to Sidechick

Wife Exposes Husband’s Illegal Business Activities After Discovering His Illicit Affair and R90K Girlfriend Allowance Payment to Sidechick

In a dramatic turn of events, the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg has sentenced a group of eight individuals, including a husband and wife, in a massive R200 million fraud case involving the South African Revenue Service (Sars).

The case unfolded after the wife snitched on her husband and exposed his illegal business dealings.

According to IOL, Rebecca Dube decided to blow the whistle on his illegal dealings upon discovering that her husband was having an affair with Moliehi Constance Ramone.

Rebecca also uncovered that her husband Jeremiah Musiwacho Dube was providing his side-chick Ramone with a monthly girlfriend allowance totalling up to R90,000, in addition to extravagant international trips.

Wife Exposes Husband’s Illegal Business Activities
Wife Exposes Husband’s Illegal Business Activities (Image Credit: News24)
This revelation prompted Rebecca to anonymously alert Sars to the fraudulent activities. The anonymous tip provided by Rebecca Dube proved crucial in assisting the Sars investigating team to identify all those involved in the fraud and trace the funds in various bank accounts.

The syndicate comprised four ringleaders, namely Jeremiah Musiwacho Dube and Maxwell Ndlovu Mavudzi, Zimbabwean nationals alongside Boaz Chilala from Zambia and Sello Rathete. They reportedly obtained South African citizenship fraudulently.

According to the publication, between 2009 and 2015, the syndicate orchestrated a VAT fraud scheme, unlawfully obtaining Value Added Tax (VAT) refunds from Sars.

They falsely claimed VAT refunds from Sars by submitting returns alleging expenses incurred through importing and purchasing diesel from local suppliers. The funds were then laundered through various bank accounts, totalling R200 million in claims, with only R100 million paid out by Sars.

Upon the syndicate’s arrest in 2015, they had fraudulently claimed a total of R200 million, with Sars having paid out R100 million before the fraudulent scheme was uncovered.

The Bribery Attempt: Desperate Measures to Ensure False Claims Payment
During the course of the investigation, Mavudzi and Dube reportedly attempted to bribe a senior Sars official with an offer of R150,000 to ensure the payment of one of their false claims. Despite attempts to evade justice, the syndicate members faced prosecution.

The Sentencing: Lengthy Prison Terms for Those Involved in the R200 Million Fraud Case
In the sentencing, Jeremiah Musiwacho Dube received a staggering 65-year prison term, while his wife, Rebecca Dube, was sentenced to 25 years.

Maxwell Ndlovu Mavudzi, another key figure in the syndicate, also received a 65-year prison sentence. Moliehi Constance Ramone, Dube’s girlfriend, was sentenced to 10 years.

Among the other co-accused, Sello Rathete and Edward Shoniwa were each sentenced to 15 years, while Audrey Radebe and Bongani Mbonani received five-year prison terms. One of the accused, Christopher Dube, absconded after his bail was extended and is currently still at large.

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