Worker Sentenced For Stealing Goats He Was Herding At The ZCC In Gokwe


A worker has been sentenced for stealing goats he was tending at the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) in Gokwe.

Christian Hamadziripi, a 28-year-old herdboy, was employed at the ZCC in Gokwe. He found himself in hot water after being caught stealing two goats from the institution.

How The Worker Stole Goats From The ZCC Where He Was A Herder
Masvingo Mirror reports that the incident took place on May 1, 2024, in the village of Sanction, nestled under the authority of Chief Mutendi.

Hamadziripi’s crime came to light when Clever Mupindu, a vigilant security guard, received a timely tip-off from Luckson Mashila in the wee hours of the morning. Acting swiftly on the information, Mupindu spotted Hamadziripi in the act, attempting to sneak the goats out of the pen under cover of darkness to fulfil an illicit transaction.

Worker Sentenced For Stealing Goats He Was Herding At The ZCC In Gokwe [Image: Reddit]

However, his plans were abruptly thwarted when Mupindu intervened, preventing the unlawful exchange from taking place. Without hesitation, Mupindu promptly alerted the authorities, leading to Hamadziripi’s swift arrest by the police.

Court Sends Hamadziripi To Community Service
Subsequently, the case landed in the hands of Magistrate Grace Tupiri, who presided over the proceedings with a firm hand.

Magistrate Tupiri handed down a sentence of nine months to Hamadziripi. However, displaying a measure of leniency, she commuted the sentence to 310 hours of community service at Mutendi Primary School, provided that Hamadziripi does not commit a similar offence for the next five years.

The state, represented by Tatenda Mandishona, painted a clear picture of the events leading up to the arrest, outlining Hamadziripi’s premeditated attempt to steal the goats for personal gain.

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