Zimbabwean Woman Leaves Husband Speechless With Mind-Blowing Birthday Present (Video)

A Zimbabwean woman shattered expectations with a birthday surprise that went far beyond the usual socks-and-card routine.

The heartwarming gesture, caught on camera, has set tongues wagging on social media platforms after it was shared by entertainment and gossip blogger Zimcelebs.

The woman not only gave her man a luxurious Mercedes Benz for his birthday but she hired the services of saxophonist Denilson Musekiwa to make the day memorable.

In the video, the unsuspecting birthday boy enters the venue expecting a typical birthday celebration. However, he gets more than he bargained for. Upon entering the venue and noticing the sleek black Mercedes Benz donned with red ribbons, the man freezes in his tracks. He holds his head in his hands in disbelief. Overcome with emotion, the man sheds a tear or two as Denilson Musekiwa skilfully plays a rendition of Jah Prayzah’s hit “Chengetedza”.

After being handed the keys to the luxurious SUV, the man, still at a loss for words, sits in the driver’s seat and shakes his head in disbelief. A tender kiss between husband and wife seals the heartwarming moment, drawing the video to a close.

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Zimbabweans React as Woman Gives Husband Mercedes Benz As Birthday Present
Unsurprisingly, the video triggered a flurry of reactions. Some men applauded the woman for setting an example that women are not the only ones deserving of grand gestures on their birthdays, commending her for going above and beyond to make her man feel special. On the other hand, a few women, driven by their insecurities and jealousy, couldn’t help but project negativity. Here are some of the reactions:

Thandeka Faith Sibanda:

I will continue to give mine stress. That’s what I can afford

Brown Dash:

Just look at the comments you will see the bitter women who feel ths kind of treatment is reserved for them only, well done sister for gifting ur king, I wish these other ones could learn smthng from you

Nolwandle Sibanda:

Now these are ladies who are inspirational. Well done Queen. Not vanoswera vachitiitira noise mumastreets umu

Amanda Precious Chitifa:

The man is crying because the wife used his money to him a car

Lorna Mwanenga Mabika:

Iwe unenge wakaita zvihombe kut uitirwe izvi. Hatiitire ana pombi yadonha nhaika lol

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