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Zuva Urban speaks why she left her marriage

This is a public service announcement to all those that laugh at me for being Dhivozed or want to use the “iwe wakatadza marriage yako” bla bla bla,

U must never ever ever ! ever! ever think that I’m Ashamed of my Decision.
Im Proud of my decision!

Chakaita kuti ndibude hamuchizivi. Don’t judge people who leave their marriage when you don’t know what happened to them.
I stopped forcing things and accepted Dhivosi.

I stopped playing victim & acknowledged that I too wasn’t innocent and stopped entirely blaming him.
(that was the hardest part 👆🏽👆🏽)
I Chose to fail so that I could win.

I Respect Marriage For what it is But “MY” Marriage made me Toxic & Bitter.
If it makes me Toxic then I don’t want it ! I had to choose between being A single peaceful mother or a married toxic Wife … I chose Me!

It doesn’t mean All Marriages are like that.
I can still advise Married People because I know and understand the dynamics having done it for 14 years. I understand married Women Ndovahwisisa zvekudaro, I have never spoken against marriage ,married women know handina Daka navo , Ask them !
Ndave Coach ! Coach haatambe Nhabvu! ⚽️

Variko vana makanika vasina mota! 🚘
Mabhiridha asina dzimba 🏠 !
Apostle Paul spoke on Merich so please cut the BS !
If you have NEVER been married don’t speak on people who know Marriage
Have a nice Day!

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